About Me

I am a business analyst and management consultant based in Richmond, North Yorkshire and work all across the UK and the world.

What on earth is a Business Analyst / Management Consultant?

Its my job to work with you and your business, to analyse your current business position, processes and IT systems and advise on areas of improvement.

So what does that mean for my business?

Simple. Is your business struggling to stay afloat? Finding it hard to increase profits? Want to do more with your website and the internet? Looking to expand? Unsure of your next step? I can help!!

Have you heard the cloud can help business!

One area I get asked a lot about is this thing called the cloud (and not the ones in the sky), some people know what it is some people aren't sure. I can help you learn more about it and how to make the most out of the cloud within your business, without losing the essence of your business and without you needed to learn tons of new stuff (cause lets be honest you are way too busy for that)


my other business interests

Buzz Properties

Online Property Sales Portal Launched 2007

Founded in 2007 to be the first and only self-service online estate agency and to offer an alternative to the quick purchase companies and high street estate agents.

The aim of Buzz Properties is to allow UK property to be quickly sold or let privately without the hassle and expense of using a traditional estate agency or receiving below market value, this ethos continues today and it is our aim to bring the whole house sales and lettings process up to date, unique features including property broadband speed and availibility, property features TAG CLOUD, property crime heatmaps and property details PDF downloads as well as property location maps means that gone are the days of paying high fees to estate agents or receiving below market value from a quick purchase company.

Sean J Connolly Photography

Fashion, Lingerie and Pinup Photography Launched 2010

Specialising in fashion, lingerie, pinup and editorial photography. Whether you need to update your portfolio, shots of your latest range or your next advertising campaign or catalogue.

Creative Talent Magazine (CT Magazine)

Fashion Magazine Launched 2012

CT Magazine is a fashion magazine with a different, we showcase the talent behind the fashion photographs that we see everyday. In each issue we bring you every creative individual that was involved in making the photo, from the photographer, model, make up artist to the stylists, designers, studio right up to the digital editors and retouchers. If they played a part they get full credit.

For too long has the fashion industry hidden its talent, now its everyones time to shine.



some of my more notable achievements

CCNP and Java Certification

Certification June 1995

I hold both a Cisco CCNP and a Sun Java Certification


XML June 1997

I worked on the first DTD for the now well known language XML.

Argos Procurement System / Barclays E-Commerce

Developed 2001

I worked on the current Argos instore procurement system and the first Barclays bank internet banking solution

Best Use of Broadband Award

DMS 2004

I won the DTI best use of broadband award way back in 2004, for an online document management system aimed at allowing the easy transfer of large documents without the need to use email. This was the worlds first cloud based storage system, before DropBox, One Drive or Google Drive.

9 million monthly views

CT Magazine Sept 2014

I have taken CT Magazine from a small startup back in Setup 2012 to an online readership of over 9 million monthly readers.

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